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Losing weight and keeping it off is increasingly difficult in today’s fast paced, nutritionally-challenged society. Because losing body fat and developing more lean muscle in conjunction with a healthier, more active lifestyle can help reduce health risks such as stroke and heart attack, Dr. Adler’s practice also focuses on helping people lose weight and get healthy. Because Dr. Adler understands that looking and feeling your best can lead to increased self esteem, she has created a medically supervised weight loss program that includes:

  • Expert support
  • Nutritional counseling and information
  • Lifestyle analysis and counseling
  • Vitamin B12 injections
  • Customized exercise recommendations

In addition, Dr. Adler believes that the practice of Nutritional Cleansing, which can result in greater health, well-being and weight loss, is the foundation of total body health. It is also the foundation on which the Isagenix® system and its products were developed.

The philosophy of Nutritional Cleansing is built upon the practice of cleansing the body via fasting and the administration of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. It has been practiced in various ways throughout history. Cleansing gives the body the chance to rest and regenerate, while assisting in its natural ability to flush out toxins and impurities. However, Nutritional Cleansing improves upon this ancient practice with a system that cleanses, replenishes and revitalizes the body with essential vitamins and minerals. While fasting does indeed help to remove impurities from the body, Nutritional Cleansing speeds up the process by infusing the body with healthy nutrients.

Isagenix has created the practice of Nutritional Cleansing and developed systems that help to promote optimum health. Isagenix systems focus on a complete approach to greater health and wellness with Nutritional Cleansing, a low-calorie meal routine and taking essential daily nutrients. Isagenix’s Nutritional Cleansing systems are not a “quick-fix” or a fad diet, but rather a means to creating a healthy, manageable lifestyle. The benefits of Nutritional Cleansing, combined with the convenience of a complete wellness system, has given people the ability to change their lives in remarkable ways and has created greater health and safe, lasting weight loss for hundreds of thousands of people.

Ask Dr. Adler about the Isagenix program and if it is right for you.

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