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May 22, 2017

I was an active mom and contributor to our work force. I had Pompe disease which is an enzyme deficiency. The name of this enzyme is acid-rnaltase, it’s required to break down glucose into simple sugars to be used for energy. Without acid-maltase my muscles weakened, the disease does not affect mental prowess. I was able to work many years with my disease until a fall down concrete steps without a handrail caused an injury preventing me from being able to sit, stand, or walk. I was forced into a position of sink or swim and failure was not an option for me.

Besides being bedridden for many months unable to move I needed to find a way to manage my wellbeing, my daughters and my home. I spent years trucking to orthopedic spine specialists, neurologists, physical therapy and pain management.

I was constantly offered prescriptions for narcotic pain killers which I refused. I was offered surgery many times which scared me to death. I did attend physical therapy at St. Charles, Melville N.Y. 2 to 3 times a week ongoing. While in horrific pain I would arrive at 7:30 a.m. in order to get the closest handicap spot next to the long steel railing.

I hobbled with my walker along the railing until the automatic doors opened. In the beginning I was so exhausted by the time I got inside I returned right back home again. I continued to go through this motion telling myself my body had to learn how to do this. I never gave up.

In 2015 I was referred to Doctors Jeffrey Epstein and Ronit Adler for pain management. During my first visit to Dr. Epstein he read my films and spoke to me about back options; he explained each option and answered all my questions.

I remember on the way home thinking that I just lived through 9 years of serious pain with no meaningful treatment. I was never offered sacroiliac injections or radio frequency injections before I met Dr. Epstein. During one of my visits I picked up a pamphlet about platelet rich plasma (PRP). It turned out I was a candidate for PRP but it was not covered by insurance.

I spent the next couple of weeks researching PRP. What excited me most was there are no adverse side effects. The body’s own blood gets centrifuged to concentrate platelets before they’re re-injected back into the body. Whether it’s a heart attack, broken bone, muscle, ligament or any other ailment the body repairs itself by concentrating platelets in the correct area for healing. This all made sense to me now.

PRP has been practiced for decades with unarguable success. I immediately decided PRP was important for my body and made an appointment for PRP treatment at Doctors Epstein and Adlers.

After my first PRP treatment I felt more circulation in my lower back and extremities. My lower back felt warm. Three days later I returned to St. Charles physical therapy. After 3 months of PRP treatments the puffy inflamed area in my lower back disappeared.

I was able to do things longer and easier than I had before PRP treatment. As weeks and months ensued my endurance and stamina increased until today I’m able to exercise for two consecutive hours working at St. Charles physical therapy.

This whole turn of events in my life opened up a new chapter for me. I became more motivated than ever and began reading food labels at the grocery store to hasten improvement. I removed processed foods and stopped buying items containing fructose. I continue to get PRP treatments every month and feel measurable improvement after each treatment. It helps reduce back pain, increase strength and lessen fatigue. I realize this will be on going because so many years lapsed without proper treatment. I’ve become more social and feel happier overall.

Insurance companies should approve and pay for PRP treatment. PRP has revolutionized care without toxins and should be readily available for everybody. Surgery is way more expensive and risky for patients. Patients would return to work sooner if platelet rich plasma was made available for treating their maladies.

It’s been eleven years now and I’m very grateful that I saw Doctors Jeffery Epstein and Ronit Adler.

Mary Kay Seal

*individual results may vary

October 30, 2015

Dear Dr. Adler,

I’m sorry this note has taken so long. Please feel free to cut and paste my comments.

The PRP Shot for Women worked beautifully. It was the perfect, elegant solution for my bladder leakage problem. A one shot treatment and the problem was solved. I am absolutely thrilled! I am no longer concerned about a sudden sneeze, cough, or exertion.

A wonderful sidebar is that there has been a marked tightening of the vaginal area with dramatic sexual effect. There was only a minimal improvement in clitoral sensitivity.

However, I am pleased overall and would recommend the procedure to anyone.

Evelyn M.

*individual results may vary

October 13, 2014

Dear Dr. Adler:

I have been under your care for many years. Before then I had been written off by many other Physicians.

You and your staff have supported me at every turn. When a new procedure was available you would go over it at length, weighing the benefits.

The newest treatment PRP Therapyhas helped immensely. I had to have a revision/replacement of my spinal cord stimulator. We discussed having the PRP prior to the surgery to replace the generator. Recovery time was shortened and I was able to return to work in three days. Another benefit seems to be that I am able to go for longer periods between Pain Management procedures.

Your cutting edge scientific approach to Pain Management has made a great difference between living and just existing.

I cannot begin voice my gratitude.

Eugene M.

*individual results may vary

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